Spring Term 2013

Pancake Tuesday

Claire Meere came to visit again this year to show us how to make the perfect pancake. We had great fun cracking the eggs, mixing all the ingredients together and waiting for the batter to bubble in the frying pan before flipping it over. Our favourite part of the day was eating the pancakes and deciding on our favourite toppings! Everybody had a great time and would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Claire for coming in.

And the Oscar goes to...Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf!

On the 1st March our annual Spring Concert took place. It was a very exciting night and we were delighted that our families, friends and neighbours all came along to see the production. The concert started off with songs, recorder tunes, poetry and a dance routine that got the audience warmed up for the performance of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf involved a remake of the traditional Little Red Riding Hood story...but with a twist! All the actors were sensational on the night and a great time was had by all.

First Penance

The sacrament of First Penance took place on the 21st March this year. The ceremony took place in Ballycorick church and was a very spiritual experience for our 2nd class pupils and their parents. The children put a lot of hard work into preparing for the ceremony and this was very evident on the night as the children both read and sang beautifully. They will now continue their spiritual journey by preparing for the sacrament of First Holy Communion in May.

Spring Blossoms

Early one morning in February there was great excitement in the hallway when we saw a beautiful yellow tulip sitting on the window sill. This was to be the first of the tulips that we planted in October to blossom. Over the next few weeks all of the tulips that we had planted flowered and put everybody in a spring mood.

Easter fun

We had a great time in the lead up to Easter this term making our Easter baskets. We very creatively used clay to make a coil pot, painted it our favourite colour and filled it with coloured paper and mini chocolate eggs. We then gave it to our parents as a special Easter gift. On the day of the Easter holidays we got a great surprise to find that the Easter Bunny had paid a visit to us and planted eggs in various places around the school. We had so much fun searching for the eggs!