Green Schools Action Day

Action Day
On Friday, 9th March we had our Green-Schools Action Day.

The first event of the day was a walk from our Secretary’s house to the school. Everybody had their high visibility jackets on so we could “be safe and be seen”. Students, parents, staff and members of the community took part.

When we got back to school we had a visit from Keith (Dad of Jacob) to talk to us about cycling and being safe road users. He had his top of the range bike with him!!

Next up was the “Exercise Bike Challenge”. Claire (Mum of Aoife) gave us the loan of her bike. All the children and some adults made the journey from “Ennis to Kilrush”. This should take 2 hours 12 minutes so we stayed on the bike for that long. Thanks to Becky and her parents for making a lovely bike and stickers to record the event.

After lunch the parents came back to take part in some activities. Thanks to Catherine (Mum of Jack, T.J., Paul and Alex) for bringing in shoes. The children made a bicycle wheel out of these and we even had an impromptu fashion show!

Mary (our Secretary) got some tyres from Tommy and Thomas, our neighbours, so the children could play some games e.g. rolling them or trying to get a shoe into the centre.

We also remembered those who have lost their lives on our roads. This reminds us that we need to be safe at all times.

It was a fun day for all involved. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success.